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Signs You Need To Invest In A Wheelchair Van For Your Family

If you have someone in your family who uses a wheelchair regularly or needs one handy in the event they become too weak to walk, then you may want to think about buying a wheelchair van. A wheelchair van is a wheelchair-accessible vehicle that is roomy enough to keep a ramp and an electric or manual lift, and also to house a wheelchair with ease.

You may need a wheelchair van for the following reasons. If you decide to purchase this type of van, your auto dealership will help you select a make and model that meets your needs and budget best.

You are traveling more often

If you're traveling more often with a family member who uses a wheelchair, or you have a wheelchair and are wanting to get out more, getting a van that will allow more mobility and freedom for the family is a must. A van can be equipped with a lift, special ramp, steps that move in and out of the sides of the vehicle for grip, and other custom finishes to make getting around much easier when the wheelchair user is in and out of their aide.

You have troubles with the wheelchair

Does it take a lot of family members to get a wheelchair in and out of your vehicle? Does the wheelchair have to be placed on top of the car in order to fit everyone inside? Has the wheelchair user in the family become more reliant on their medical chair so they cannot support themselves for any length of time?

A wheelchair van is designed to make movement safer and easier. When you use a ramp, you can get a person in and out of a vehicle with ease, even if they are still in the wheelchair when they get inside the van. Electric lifts help pull wheelchairs and scooters onto the vehicle for placement, taking the strain off the people who are helping the wheelchair-assisted individual while keeping the person safe during transport.

Your doctor recommends a van

Wheelchair vans are roomier than classic vehicles and offer more space for a person who cannot move independently. If your doctor has recommended a wheelchair van for medical purposes and safety, pay heed. There are many vans on the market that can help improve your riding experience and make traveling with a wheelchair much easier for everyone. Your auto dealer will help you select the right van for your needs.