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Benefits Of Synthetic Oil For Your Vehicle

Many car owners are confused by all of the different types of products available for their vehicle, especially regarding the motor oils that they use. There are regular oils, semi-synthetic oils, and entirely synthetic oils as well as different brands, number and letter combinations (i.e., 5w-40, etc...), and types of oils based on your vehicle's make, model, mileage, and other factors. It is understandable that keeping track of some of the differences can be confounding. However, as you try to find the right motor oil for your car, it can be helpful to know some of the many benefits of synthetic motor oil for your vehicle. Get to know more about a few of these benefits so you can be sure you make the right selection for your car the next time you need oil. 

Synthetic Motor Oil is Better in High and Low Temperatures

One of the biggest benefits of synthetic motor oil over other options is the fact that it performs better in temperatures that are extremely high or extremely low. The chemical makeup of synthetic oil is more precise than any option containing alternative types of oil, and because the science behind this type of motor oil is so exacting, it can be made to perform well in extremes. 

Regular motor oil, for example, can get quite thick in the winter as the cold temperatures cause the oil to condense. This can cause problems with your engine as the motor oil will not be as effective at lightly lubricating the metal surfaces of the engine and can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle's engine. In high temperatures, regular motor oil can become too thin and might not properly coat the surfaces either, causing similar problems. 

Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, is specially designed to maintain its viscosity better in fluctuating temperatures. This improves motor oil performance and prevents damage to your engine that could be avoided. 

Synthetic Motor Oil Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Another major benefit of synthetic motor oil is that it can be more environmentally friendly than the other options available on the market. Because of the high performance of this type of oil as well as its tendency to maintain its viscosity in a variety of environments and temperatures, it can also last quite a bit longer than other motor oils. 

Extending the period between oil changes means that you will be using less motor oil overall and will not need to discard as much oil, increasing environmental friendliness. The synthetic oil is also often cleaner than other motor oils when you do change the motor oil, which is another environmental benefit. As such, if you are conscientious about your environmental impact, synthetic motor oil may be the right choice for you and your vehicle. 

Knowing these benefits of synthetic motor oil for your vehicle, you can better decide on the right type of motor oil the next time you need an oil change. For assistance with how to buy Amsoil wholesale, contact an oil distributor near you.